Carnival (2015)
Projection installation

Installation view at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art   
Image courtesy of K
unstnernes Efteraarsudstilling

2 min 35 s
Hand-drawn animations / Pencil, watercolour and ink on paper

2 min 17s loop
Hand-drawn animation / Pencil, watercolour and ink on paper

Carnival consists of two animations , which draws an image of a common dinner party, reflecting the social and cultural issues surrounding such varied feasts. Inspired by real characters and celebration methods, I question the importance and the reasons underlining these festivities, echoing a time when it used to be a ritual, a performed sacrifice to propitiate and worship the gods. The animations represent a feast with huge amounts of food and drink, inducing unconscious behaviour that aims to fulfill secret desires and let natural instinct take over. The animations talk about the primitive impulses we are confronted with on a daily basis, raising the question; who is responsible for the consequences? In the context of post-modern culture, the story presents a ritual, where people would honor the gods for the goods they received by means of a feast, while now its only purpose is to meet our expectations.

Installation View at A Small View Gallery   
Image courtesy of Benjamin Paul Davies